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Easy Access to French Investment Real Estate

Axmarc makes the process of investing in French real estate easier than ever before. With customized investment opportunities that match your exact needs, and a step-by-step roadmap in your local language that lays out the entire procedure from start to finish, Axmarc makes investing in French real estate simple, secure and reliable.

We are an independent agency who is not affiliated with, or working for, any real estate developer. We receive a fee from the seller of the property upon the signing of the contract, which means our services are completely free for the buyer.

No Agency Fees

Axmarc is independent of any real estate company. We work exclusively for you, and we don't charge any fees.

Local Support

No need to read or speak French. Axmarc offers all of its services in the local language.

Personal Roadmap

Axmarc's customized roadmap lists your entire purchasing process down to the last financial and fiscal detail.

Take Control

No strings attached: you determine the global destination for your rent income.

six simple steps to success


Tell us your detailed requirements with regards to budget, type of investment, ROI expectations and timeline, and we will present you with a selected portfolio of suitable investment opportunities.


Make your choice after reviewing the projects and their due diligence reports, and select the one that meets all your requirements.


Axmarc will provide you with a detailed roadmap that outlines all steps in the purchasing process, as well as a complete overview of all fees, taxes, levies and other payments you can expect in the future.


Axmarc will assist you in finding a local bi-lingual legal expert to go over the contracts with you, and inform you on the details of the payment procedure in your own language.

Additional Services

We also offer referral services to third parties you might need to consult with regards to your purchase, such as local administrators, fiscal experts, financial planners, banks or translators.


When you are ready to sell, Axmarc will put you into contact with reliable commercializers in France and support the selling process as well.

Request a Consultancy

Our first mission is always to find out exactly what type of investment opportunity you want and need.

Once we know your target budget(s), your preference for the type of real estate and your other requirements, we will offer you a select choice of tailored opportunities.

Are you interested in finding out how you can diversify your investment portfolio and use French investment real estate for capital preservation? Use this form to request a personal consultation with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Axmarc does not offer access to vacation homes or private residencies. The properties we present to our clients are for investment purposes only. Please note that owning an investment property in France does not entitle you to a visa, French passport or residency permit.
In one word: excellent. The French real estate market is renowned around the world for its stability and consistency, and French law offers outstanding buyer protection assurances. With a population of almost 67 million people, France has a large and dynamic real estate market that is easy to access: the process of buying a property in France is straightforward and above all transparent. International buyers represented 30% of French real estate purchases in 2016.
Obtaining a local mortgage for an investment property in France is possible and Axmarc offers referral services for mortgages and loans in your country.
No. Axmarc makes it possible to purchase French real estate in your local language, and overseas travel is not required for the purchase. We still recommend that you visit France for personal reasons: the country is beautiful, and the food is great.
All properties offered by Axmarc are for investment purposes only, and not for recreational use. They will be managed by a property management company. In normal situations, the property will be rented out, and you will not have free access to it, but some property management companies will make exceptions to accommodate their clients.


A strong and stable market


Percentage of French real estate that was purchased by international buyers in 2016


Number of housing transactions in France in 2016


Percentage of French that prefer real estate over any other investment.




Delivery: 2020
Price: €170K to 288K
ROI: 3.32% to 4.01 %


Retirement Community

Delivery: 2019
Price: €204K to 316K
ROI: 4.73 %to 4.77%


Student Housing

Delivery: 2019
Price: €89K
ROI: 3.98%