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Individual Assessment

Your individual requirements are very important to us. As an independent agent, we are in the perfect position to objectively assess what type of French investment property would match your wants and needs, and since we are not linked to any particular commercializer or real estate developer, we only offer you projects that exactly match your specifications.

Project Selection

Axmarc works directly with the largest and most established real estate developers in France and always offers customized proposals that perfectly match your budget and your timeline. All the properties we introduce to you are specifically tailored to your individual investment needs, and all have been carefully vetted by a due diligence process to ensure complete reliability.

Contract Summary

Our exclusive Contract Summary outlines the main details of the purchase in your own language, so you know exactly what to expect long before the formal signing takes place. Details of the payment, timeline and mutual obligations are all made clear in plain language.

Customized Roadmap

Axmarc provides you with a customized roadmap that lists a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire sales procedure. The roadmap also list all additional expenses you can expect (lawyer’s fees, transaction fees,duties, taxes, etc) so there are no surprises.

About Axmarc


Why Axmarc?

Direct Access

Axmarc works directly with the largest real estate developers in France to offer you customized offers that perfectly match your budget, your needs and your timeline.

Ease of Use

Axmarc makes the entire process easy to follow and transparent. We provide you with a personalized road map that clearly lists all the procedures, fees and paperwork.


Axmarc works with the most established and experienced certified commercializers in France, and all projects we offer have been through a thorough process of due diligence.

Local Support

Axmarc offers advice and support in the local language during the sales process, and helps you find reliable local third-party experts such as real estate lawyers, translators and notaries.